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Product information ODOREX®: Anyone who tends to sweat a lot knows the uncertainty associated with it. Does my deodorant do what it promises? Our antiperspirant ODOREX ® has stood for reliable protection against unpleasant sweat odour for over 50 years. Used once a day, ODOREX ® provides protection for the whole day. How does ODOREX ® work? ODOREX ® regulates excessive sweat production without impairing the natural function of the skin. Unpleasant side effects such as sweat stains on clothing and the smell of sweat are reliably prevented.

Ingredients such as urea and lactic acid ensure optimum skin compatibility. The addition of perfume oils has been deliberately avoided so that people with sensitive skin can also use ODOREX ®. Instructions for use: ODOREX ® is available as an atomiser or roll-on. Thoroughly cleanse the skin before applying the antiperspirant. One application per day is sufficient. Allow to dry before dressing. Does ODOREX ® contain aluminium? Yes, ODOREX ® contains an aluminium salt (aluminium chloride). However, the amount of aluminium contained in the product has been chosen to be as low as is absolutely necessary for the product to work reliably. As the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) is not yet able to make a statement about the extent of aluminium absorption through the skin due to a lack of data, we advise our customers to take the following precautionary measures: Apply the antiperspirant to cleansed skin only once a day Do not use on damaged skin (e.g. directly after shaving)


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